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Learn to Teach Yourself POA.


You could now be in a desperate situation where your accounting exam is approaching but yet you don’t have the slightest clue what your teacher is teaching.

Rest assured you need not face it alone and you can still make it with POA Tutor’s individual (1-1) crash course which is designed for those who need a concise, comprehensive and thorough overview of their accounting syllabus within a short time. We are the POA Crash Course Expert.

POA Tutor specialises in providing POA Tuition and POA Crash Courses for students studying Principles of Accounts in the following exams:-

POA Tutor’s speciality is the Principles of Accounts Crash Course which is designed for those who need a concise, comprehensive and thorough overview of their accounting syllabus within a short time. Its never too late as long you want to save yourself.

POA Tutor also conducts special programs for

So Why Choose POA Tutor?

It is not what is said but what is done that makes the difference.

Example : See how POA Tutor prepares students for GCE N / O Level POA Exams.

1.      Diagnosis – Know where you go wrong

poa diagnosis

If a tutor merely goes through schoolwork or Ten Year Series, you know that there is no lesson plan.

POA Tutor has designed special worksheets to help the students to identify their mistakes.

As a tip, students struggle in POA because of poor language ability. POA Tutor uses diagrams and flowcharts to simplify difficult accounting concepts.

2.      Time-Efficient

POA Stopwatch

Does your child have the time to do the numerous questions found in assessment books? POA tutor uses only 5-7 questions to cover all the different ways a topic can be tested.

These questions are modified from actual exam questions. The student can master the topic in 2 hours after completing the worksheet.

3.      Progressive Learning

poa progressive learning

POA Tutor’s worksheets are designed to help weaker students apply accounting concepts progressively. The first question is always the easiest.  The student builds up confidence as they take on more difficult questions in the worksheet. Handling the psychology is as important as the content.

4.      Online Resources

Sometimes, students may forget what was taught and not much can be done outside the classroom. They may not receive the help in time to complete the schoolwork or prepare for the exam.

Therefore, Mr Chong created online courses where students can easily access his POA videos online to recall what was taught. Anytime. Anywhere.

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At POA Tutor, we don’t explore possibilities. We provide you the possible way.

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