LevelFace-to-Face TuitionOnline Tuition / Crash CourseDuration
Sec 3/4/5 (GCE N/O Level)SGD 50-60 /Hr.SGD 60 – 70 /Hr.2 Hrs. / Lesson
IGCSE, Edexcel GCSESGD 50 /Hr.SGD 60 – 70 /Hr.2 Hrs. / Lesson
GCE A Level / WACE / Edexcel A LevelSGD 60 /Hr.SGD 70 – 80 /Hr.2 Hrs. / Lesson
DiplomaSGD 60 – 70 /Hr.2 Hrs. / Lesson
UniversitySGD 70 – 80 /Hr.2 Hrs. / Lesson

Trial Lesson

A student may wish to come for a trial lesson to judge the suitability of the lesson. Fees are chargeable as per normal.

Payment of Fees

Fees are collected at the end of every lesson. No one needs to keep track the dates of the lesson attended.

This is the simplest accounting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why our children are struggling in school?

As a start, lets understand how our Singapore education system works.

Our schools teach our children in a mass lecture format.

How well our children learn depends on

  1. How well they received the information
  2. How well they retain the information
  3. How well they apply the information

Based on my experience, the problem lies in stage 1 and 2.

It favours individuals with strong language abilities and excellent memory.

Schools try to solve the problem by holding additional classes and hope that by repeating the lesson, student can receive and remember information better.

There are few problems with this approach.

  1. As most teachers hold additional classes, school will end much later. Students become more tired and absorb much lesser information than expected.
  2. Sometimes, student do not understand only a small section of the lesson. Putting them through the entire lesson is not efficient.
  3. Students may not have the time to recap what was taught. So when more information is given in future lessons, they are unable to link up with what was taught earlier.

How POA Tutor Can Help you with Online Tuition?

IssuesTraditional TuitionPOA Online Tuition
Receiving InformationDependent on memoryLesson can be recorded on screen.

The student can replay the lesson anytime to review points forgotten.

Teacher’s HandwritingStudent may have to struggle with reading the teacher’s poor handwriting.Explanation in words neatly typed. Diagrams clearly illustrated with drawing tools.
Taking NotesStudent frantically scribbling bits and pieces of what the tutor explained.The tutor explains verbally and types the explanation in an accessible document.
Retrieving InformationThe student has to dig through thick stacks of notes, worksheets, test papers and past year papers.Access relevant content in a matter of seconds via your handphone and computer. The content is neatly classified according to topics and subdivide into notes, worksheets and exam papers.

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Online 1-1 POA Tuition Over Zoom

A combination of face-to-face interaction and online tuition is encouraged. Mr Chong found that students can remember the contents better when the class is spread over 2-3 sessions in a week.

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If you are good in English, POA should be easy for you. Why?

Mr Chong is a not MOE teacher. And why that may be best thing for you?