POA Tuition Rates

LevelFace-to-Face TuitionOnline POA TuitionDuration
GCE N/O Level - Sec 3 / 4 / 5SGD 60 per Hr.SGD 60 - 70 per Hr.2 Hrs. per Lesson
IGCSE, Edexcel GCSESGD 60 per Hr.SGD 60 - 70 per Hr.2 Hrs. per Lesson
GCE A Level / Edexcel A LevelSGD 80 per Hr.SGD 80 - 90 per Hr.2 Hrs. per Lesson
DiplomaSGD 80 - 100 per Hr.2 Hrs. per Lesson
UniversitySGD 90 - 120 per Hr.2 Hrs. per Lesson

POA Tuition Rates for Diploma and University are subject to review according to the complexity of the topic taught.

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Trial Lesson

A student may request for a trial lesson to judge the suitability of the lesson. Fees are chargeable as normal.

Payment of Fees

Fees are collected at the end of each lesson. No need to keep track dates of the attended lessons.

This is the simplest accounting.


How POA Tutor Can Help Your Child Learn 30% Faster using Technology (Online Tuition)?

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IssuesTraditional TuitionPOA Online Tuition
Receiving InformationDependent on memoryLesson can be recorded on screen.

The student can replay the lesson anytime to review points forgotten.

Teacher’s HandwritingStudent may have to struggle with reading the teacher’s poor handwriting.Explanation in words neatly typed. Diagrams clearly illustrated with drawing tools.
Taking NotesStudent frantically scribbling bits and pieces of what the tutor explained.The tutor explains verbally and types the explanation in an accessible document.
Retrieving InformationThe student has to dig through thick stacks of notes, worksheets, test papers and past year papers.Access relevant content in a matter of seconds via your handphone and computer. The content is neatly classified according to topics and subdivide into notes, worksheets and exam papers.

Using an unique way of teaching, Mr Chong found that his students learnt 30% faster online than Face-to-Face.

90% of his students are now taught online. They reject Face-to-Face lessons for a better learning experience.

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Its vastly different from the online Home-Based Learning during lockdown days.

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If you are good in English, Accounting should be easy for you. Why?

Many are surprised as they imagine accounting to be a mathematical subject. Of course, it helps if you are good with numbers. But essentially, accounting expresses business concepts from words into numbers presented in tables. As proof, accounting standards are full of jargon instead of formulas.

Most students struggle with Accounting because they are not clear about the concepts. To be fair, some terms like Impairment Loss on Trade Receivables are not easy to digest for beginners.

In my first few lessons, my students go through a rigorous process of getting the fundamentals right. And once they can grasp the concepts, the recording and analysis of events become a walk in the park.

I notice that those with strong language ability normally do better as they are able to internalise the concepts and apply it using logical reasoning. The logic is simple. Once you know what it is, you will know what to do.

You just need the right training to do well in accounting.


Mr Chong is a not MOE teacher. And why that may be best thing for you?

Accounting is a subject that requires constant communication between the teacher and the student to ensure that concepts are clearly understood and applied appropriately. However, in a classroom setting with more than 20 students, it is difficult to achieve this.

Often, a teacher has to slow down for the weakest student before the group can move forward. It is inevitable that the learning process will take longer. If a tutor adopts this style of teaching, it may not be appropriate for one who is sitting for exams soon.

Teaching a subject in a group is different from coaching individuals to ace their exams. You need a coach who can give you individual attention, diagnose your problems and customise training to meet your shortfalls.

Mr Chong conducts accounting crash courses for secondary, tertiary and university students throughout the year. He is not just a teacher but a coach for academic success.

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Mr Chong’s POA students will be given free access to Mr Chong’s Online Accounting Course. Terms and Conditions apply. WhatsApp POA Tutor for more information.

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