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Financial Accounting: Many do not understand how the format in Financial Statements is derived and rely heavily on memorising the headings and components in the Income Statement and Balance Sheet.

UOL POA Income Statement Format

Management Accounting : Mr Chong uses flowcharts and diagrams to formulate a simple process to understand the concepts and work through the questions.

UOL POA Cost Concepts

What you can expect

  1. Step by Step Breakdown of Concepts
    Flow Charts that illustrate how to apply concepts. Notes Provided.
Cashflow Statement
  1. Detailed Exam Analysis :
    Know what the examiner is looking for.
UOL POA Inventory
  1. Online Resources
    What if you forgot what Mr Chong taught and you have a exam tomorrow? Mr Chong created online videos so that you can access his lessons anytime and anywhere. These videos will be available free to all Mr Chong’s UOL Students upon the payment of deposit.
UOL POA Cost Concepts
UOL POA Cost Volume Profit and Marginal Costing
  1. Last Minute Tutorials
    Many UOL students complained that they do not understand the solutions provided by the examiners. Hence, Mr Chong conducts special tutorials to show you how to work out the answers. Limited Slots available.
POA Notes Resources

Free Access for Mr Chong’s POA Students

Mr Chong’s POA students will be given free access to Mr Chong’s Online Accounting Course. Terms and Conditions apply. WhatsApp POA Tutor for more information.

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