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Let me Show You my Over 20 Years of Strategies to Ace it Once and For All.

POA Crash Course


About twenty years ago, there was a young man 👨 trying to impress a lady 👩 in university. He found out that she was having problems with the accounting exam. He volunteered 🙋‍♂️ to give her a crash course for 3 days.

👩🏻‍🎓 She passed accounting with a B.

I was that boring man. 👨 I saw looks of desperation by someone troubled by Accounting.  Struggling to get the answer. It doesn’t matter whether she understood the explanation. She just wanted the answer, write it down and pass her exam. 😩 Sounds Familiar?

🆘 Or you could be the person who no matter how hard you tried, that A1 result seems so elusive from you? Effort doesn’t equal results?  😩 Are you feeling that you are further away from the JC/Poly course that you want?

🆘 Or, worst case, you are completely clueless about accounting. 😩

Here are the Topics and Issues covered in this Crash Course

N/O Level Accounting Crash Course Topics


🥇 Tip 1: Keep it Simple

To learn a lot of basic facts within a short time, you need clear directions.
My process is very simple.

Step 1 : Identify Keywords
Step 2 : Formulate Steps

Step 3:  Know how Step (2) changes when Step (1) changes

🥇 Tip 2: Keep it Sharp

Only 8 lessons in my N / O Level POA Crash Course.

2 Lessons per weekend. All done within 1 month.
Each lesson is only 1.5 hours max.  No need for lengthy 3-4 hours workshops. You have other subjects to study too. Get the gist. Spread the time.
I will show you the way and the important points you need to cover. Sharp, Accurate & Precise.
Nevertheless, you would still need to practise to internalise what I taught. But at least, I have given you a roadmap.

🥇 Tip 3 : Live Exam Paper Demo (N Level Students)

Practical Time! I will perform a Live Demo on the 2020 N Level Paper 1 and Paper 2 on the last lesson.
I will show you :-

  • How I will do the questions.
  • What goes through my mind when I tackle questions.
  • How to allocate time for each question.

🥇 Tip 4 : How to Spot Questions (O Level Students)

I will show you how to spot topics in the O Level Syllabus. There are topics that have a higher probability. I will share this on the last lesson.

🥇 Tip 5: Early Bird Bonus

Sign up for August 2021 Class and Attend September 2021 Class for Free. Free Refresher Course.

💰 Cost for 8 Live Lessons - SGD 400
💰 Cost per Live Lesson - SGD 50

If you are an Early Bird, you can attend up to 16 lessons (8 in Aug and 8 in Sep).

💰 Cost Per Live Lesson - SGD 400/16 = SGD 25

🥰  Extremely Affordable!

Who is This Perfect For?

POA Crash Course Students
👉A Grade Students - Sharpen your Spear. Proven methods to shorten your steps to get that perfect answer.
👉Average Students - Avoid making the costly mistake of misreading Keywords.
👉Students struggling to pass – Rote learn steps to ensure a credible pass.
Accounting Student Testimonial
Accounting Student Testimonial

Here's the 2021 Course Schedule (Details of 2022 will be announced in May 2022)

N Level POA Crash Course Schedule
O Level POA Crash Course Schedule