Is your child ill-disciplined and often easily distracted?

POA Face-to-Face Tuition

If Yes, learning POA would be an issue as this is a new subject, especially for those in Secondary Schools. It is like learning a new language where one has to grapple with unfamiliar nouns and verbs. Those who don’t revise conscientiously would forget the terminology and when you don’t know what it is, you don’t know what to do.

How POA Tutor conduct Face-to-Face Tuition?

  1. Demonstration
    Mr Chong would divide each topic into various sub-parts. After explaining each part, he would show the application of a concept in a question. Subsequently, a student would attempt the same question. Complicated topic broken up to digestible pieces.
  2. Surprise Test (Penalty: Redo Entire Question if there is one or more mistake)
    The student is tested on one question previously attempted in the worksheet. He would redo the entire question if there is one or more mistake (Concessions are given according to effort). Some may think it’s a waste of time which is contrary to the truth. It takes lesser time to redo a question than to attempt a new question. Foundation is built via repetition.Mr Chong usually prints 10 sets of worksheets to demonstrate his unwavering position. The student gets the message that Mr Chong will not let him off if he continues to make the same mistake. And overtime, the student understood that if redoing one question is so unbearable, it would be worst to repeat a year of work.Result: The student is more attentive during the lesson and does his work more carefully. Higher Productivity.
  3. Summary
    After completing the worksheet, Mr Chong will highlight the keywords in each question and how the answer will differ if different phrasing was used. This trains the student to develop a watchful eye and not blindly memorising model answers.

Currently, there are limited slots for Face-to-Face POA Tuition. Students are encouraged to check out POA Crash Course.

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Mr Chong’s POA students will be given free access to Mr Chong’s Online Accounting Course. Terms and Conditions apply. WhatsApp POA Tutor for more information.

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