Online POA Tuition Selling Points:

1-1 Online POA Tuition
  1. Biggest Problem in Tuition: Students often forget what was taught during tuition.
    Not when you attend POA Tutor's Online POA Tuition. Why?

    • Notes and Tutorial Accessible via Phone
      • Students no long need to scramble to copy notes as these notes are captured in the cloud and loaded to the App in the phone.
      • They can revise their work Anytime and Anywhere. Extremely useful just before a Test.
    • Recording
      • Students can replay the lesson to recall what you forgot. Recording not technically feasible under face-to-face settings.
  2. Distance is no longer a barrier using Zoom. Save Precious Time from Travelling.
  3. Safety. You no longer need to arrange someone to be at home when a male tutor comes to your house to teach your daughter.
  4. End your days of being your child's secretary. Under POA Tutor's system, notes are filed electronically according to topics and subdivided to worksheets during the POA Tuition Lesson.
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Free Access for Mr Chong’s POA Students

Mr Chong’s POA students will be given free access to Mr Chong’s Online Accounting Course. Terms and Conditions apply. WhatsApp POA Tutor for more information.

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