POA Tutor 1-1 Online Selling Points:

  1. Biggest Problem in Tuition: Students often forget what was taught during tuition.
    Not when you attend Mr Chong Online Course. Why?

    • In Mr Chong’s online lessons, useful comments are typed beside the notes.
    • Notes and Tutorials are electronically accessible. You can revise the lesson using your smartphone on the way home.
    • You can record the lesson to recall what you forgot. Not possible under face-to-face interactions.
  2. Distance is no longer a barrier using Skype or Zoom. Save Precious Time from Travelling.
  3. Better Retention. Mr Chong found that students remember the contents better when the teaching is spread over a few sessions
  4. It can be cheaper than 1-1 Tuition. Why? Some tutors do nothing while the student is doing the work. In other words, parents paid someone for doing nothing. In Mr Chong’s 1-1 online lesson, he teaches throughout the hour. Which is cheaper?

See video below to see how it is done!