Nowadays, Sec 3 Midyear Exams are scrapped.

If the foundation is not built early, it may be too late when the year-end exam approaches.

If you child comes during the June Holidays, it would be fairly easy to catch up. POA Tutor has designed a Sec 3 Mid Year POA Revision Course.


  1. Elements of Financial Statements
  2. Accounting Equation
  3. Journals and Double Entry
  4. Ledgers
  5. Trial Balance
  6. Income Statment & Balance Sheet
  7. Special Journals
  8. Cash Book and Petty Cash

1-1 Intensive Catch up. Groups of 2-3 welcomed too.

FYI, each student goes through 3 hours of POA lesson each week. And by mid-year, a student would have gone through 60 Hours (3 Hours x 20 weeks) of POA Lesson.

In Mr Chong’s Sec 3 POA Revision Course, it only takes 6-8 Lessons (About 12 to 16 Hours) to catch up the first half of Sec 3 POA Syllabus. No need for regular tuition after the revision course.

The content for Sec 3 Express and Normal Academic is the same as the first 6 months are used to build the basics for accounting.

After the course, the student should be able to cope for the second semester better. Mr Chong would only come back for revision in the last few weeks before the final exam.