Revision Program - 2021 Sec 3 Students who barely passed or failed the Sec 3 End of Year POA Exam.

There is no need to drop POA. There is still time to perfect this subject.

POA Tutor has designed a Secondary 3 Principles of Accounts Holiday Revision Course for your child to catch up this Nov  Dec Holidays.

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New Skills for New Subject

Many students struggle with Secondary 3 Principles of Accounts as they were not equipped with the right skill sets.

Unlike Maths and Science subjects, every chapter in accounting is interlinked.  You cannot see the complete picture if one part is missing.

Many initially tried to memorize until they were overwhelmed by too much content.

Nowadays, Sec 3 Midyear Exams are scrapped.

If the foundation is not built early, it may be too late when the Sec 3 End-of-Year exam approaches.

Students need to perfect the basics of definitions and formats to cope with increasing difficult accounting questions.

POA Tutor has designed a Secondary 3 Principles of Accounts Revision Course for your child to catch up.

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  1. Elements of Financial Statements
  2. Accounting Equation
  3. Journal Entries & Double Entry
  4. Ledger Accounts (Trade Receivables & Trade Payables)
  5. Trial Balance
  6. Statement of Financial Performance & Statement of Financial Position
  7. Cash at Bank and Bank Reconciliation
  8. Prepayments and Accruals (if needed)

The content is the same for Sec 3 Express and Normal Academic as they form the basics of accounting.

New Syllabus (Year of Examination : 2022)

POA Tutor has kept abreast of the latest change in the Principles of Accounts Syllabus. All Worksheets and Sec 3 POA Notes have already been updated.

Past Year Secondary 3 End of Year Exam Papers

Questions tested in various Secondary 3 End of Year Exams have been compiled and modified to give POA Tutor's Secondary 3 students the additional practice and advantage over their peers.

In particular, there is a 7 mark scenario-based question which is a new segment of the exam. POA Tutor has devised strategies to help his students ace this section of the exam.

In short, POA Tutor sets out to achieve the following for your child:-

  • Pass all Weighted Assessments.
  • Ace Sec 3 End-of-Year Exams.
  • Finish the Year well.
  • See you in Sec 4.
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