Gce a level Principles of Accounting

(Subject Code : 9593)

In 2020, the GCE A Level POA syllabus is revised and many students, especially private candidates are panicking. Many has came to seek Mr Chong's GCE A Level POA Tuition classes.

They don’t know how the questions would come out.

What has changed?

  1. Emphasis 
    The focus of the exam has shifted more from the preparing to using accounting information.
    MOE wants students to acquire accounting knowledge and skills that will be valuable in any
    field of work or life.
  2. Equal Weightage of Financial Accounting; Managerial Accounting
    Financial Accounting (FA) and Managerial Accounting (MA) are separately tested in 2 Papers. All four questions in each paper are compulsory.
  3. Exam Format
    • Structured Questions (60%)
      These questions would centre on one main topic but, where required, combine knowledge from other related topics. It looks similar to what was tested in Paper 2 from the previous syllabus.
    • Mini Case Study (40%)
      Scenario-based questions involve a write-up of a certain context relating one or more topics. Students are required to process the information as a whole to identify and understand the issues involved.

How POA Tutor can help you?

  1. University Materials - FA and MA
    If you had not realised by now, MOE has raised the standard of accounting education to semi-university levels. As Mr Chong specialises in teaching accounting right up to university levels, he has accumulated a huge resource bank of university materials and model answers. As his student, you would have the unfair advantage of accessing these contents.
  2. Past Year Paper Solutions
    They are still relevant as structured questions make up 60% of the syllabus as stated above. However, one of the biggest issues facing GCE A Level candidates is the lack of answers for past year papers. These solutions are strictly reserved for Mr Chong's A Level POA Students. An invaluable resource in your time of need.

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