As you may be aware, Normal Academic students may take 2 subjects at ‘O’ Level when they sit for their GCE N Level Exams. Principles of Accounts happens to be one of these eligible subjects. Click here.

What you can expect

  1. Poly Foundation Program (PFP)
    PFP is a one-year foundation program that prepares students for entry into a polytechnic. Upon completion, these students will move on to the first year of their chosen diploma course.This scheme is only available for Sec 4 Normal Academic students with an aggregate score of 11 and below.These students are allowed to combine their ‘N’ and ‘O’ Level examination results to compute their eligibility for PFP.
O Level Grade
Aggregate Point for PFP
A1 to B3
B4 to C6

Only the top 10% of Sec 4 Normal Academic cohort qualifies for PFP. You need all the advantage you can get.

  1. Admission to JC/MI/Poly/ITE
Eligibility for
(Say 2017) Enrolment
2016 GCE ‘O’Level Examination or
A combination of one past year and
2016 GCE ‘O’Level Examination

Some Sec 4 Normal Academic students may choose to take GCE O Level subsequently. Given Option 2, students who taken the subject at GCE O Level earlier would have one less subject to study. They can focus on their weaker subjects to get a obtain better aggregate score.

How to qualify?

Most schools decide the eligibility based on Sec 3 overall results. The Normal Academic student should have scored at least A2 to qualify.

Do note that the selection criteria may vary from school to school.

How can POA Tutor help you?

The work begins as early as March for Secondary 3 students. As the mid year exams are elementary, the student needs to secure the easy marks to boost the chances. But often due to complacency, many students underperformed.

At POA Tutor, we created 15 basic worksheets designed to build the foundation. The questions are the common topics that would often come out in Secondary 3 mid and final year exams. They are different from the GCE O Level exam questions found in assessment books.

You need the right fit to score the A.