Why access POA Tutor's Pre-recorded Lessons?

Many POA students struggled once they missed a critical part of the lesson. Often they are too shy to ask the teacher and they seek help by attending POA Tuition.

POA Tuition Online

Videos can supplement the learning process:-

  • Weaker students can digest the content at their own pace.
  • Reserved students can review the content repeatedly without public attention.
  • Students with short attention span are often more receptive to the use of verbal and visual format.

Sometimes, students may forget what was taught and not much can be done outside the classroom. They may not receive the help in time to complete the schoolwork or prepare for the exam.

Therefore, Mr Chong decided to create online courses where students can easily access his POA videos online to recall what was taught. Anytime. Anywhere.

You can even revise a topic before a test on your smartphone. On the way to school.

Mr Chong’s approach is practical.

Within 20 minutes, you will learn everything about any POA topic.


  • Difficult concepts are simplified using diagrams or flowcharts.
  • The double entry is explained in detail for easy reference.
  • The sample questions are modified from actual exam questions.
- What’s the difference -

Exam Orientated!

Easy Exam
  1. Concepts presented in easy to understand format.
Improving POA Exam Grades
  1. Apply to a question similar to past year exams. Every step is clearly shown.
POA Exam Success
  1. Exam Success!
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Free Access for Mr Chong’s POA Students

Mr Chong’s POA students will be given free access to Mr Chong’s Online Accounting Course. Terms and Conditions apply. WhatsApp POA Tutor for more information.

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