Polytechnic / University Accounting Crash Courses


  1. You did not learn POA Previously
    The pace of teaching is much faster in poly and university. Even those who had learnt POA previously find it tough. You fear that your inexperience will pull down your grades. Afterall, you have one chance to take the paper.Mr Chong has the shortcuts to master POA. He is self-taught. His methods are original and intuitive.
  2. What You Learnt Previously is Different
    The accounting treatment for certain items may be different under different syllabus.  What you learnt in Secondary School can be different in your new school.Example : Prepayments and Accruals.
    Under most polytechnic accounting syllabus, all expenditures are treated as prepaid assets. Only the amount used is charged to the Income Statement. Under O Level syllabus, the reverse is done.When we are in Rome, we do what the Romans do. Your answer must follow the method prescribed by the lecturer. No deviation permitted.You need not memorise. Mr Chong will provide the reconciliation.
  3. Lack of Worked Solutions
    Most polytechnics and universities (except UOL) do not provide worked solutions for past year exam questions. At best, only the final answer is given. Many are unsure if they got the right answer.Mr Chong has taught numerous students from polytechnics and university. If you are lucky, you get the answers without spending the long hours working them out.

Example 1 : Nanyang Polytechnic (BM 00003 Principles of Accounting )

In this module, students are tested on 4 major topics

  1. Correction of Errors and Adjusted Trial Balance
  2. Prepayment and Accruals
  3. Entries made in Special Journals (E.g. Cash Receipt Journal)
  4. Account Receivable Control Account & Account Payable Control Account

Many students struggled as they did not learn accounting previously. The pace of learning is also much faster compared to O level. The student is expected to master everything within 4-5 months.

Under the Crash Course program, it takes about 4 lessons to clear up the issues and prepare the student how to ace the exam. Group Tuition welcomed. Attractive Discounts given.

Example 2 : Kaplan Diploma (Accounting for Managers)

In this module, there are 2 quiz and 1 final exam and students are tested on the following topics

  1. Construction of Trial Balance
  2. Double Entries and Account Classification
  3. Material and Labour Cost Variance
  4. Cash Budgeting
  5. Construction of Financial Statements
  6. Ratio Analysis
  7. Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis and Cost Classifications
  8. Capital Investment

This module is tough for beginners as they are required to master the various topics from financial and managerial accounting within 2 months.

In the Crash Course program, it takes about 6-8 lessons to settle most of the issues and prepare the student how to ace the exam. Group Tuition welcomed. Attractive Discounts given.

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