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In life, we exert to make choices available to ourselves. Many Private Candidates take up Principles of Accounts (POA) to boost their chances to enter their preferred course in higher institutions. And you need not be alone as Mr Chong seeks to address your needs in the following situations:-

Sec 3You are considering taking up POA as a Private Candidate as your school may not have the resources to allow you to take up this additional subject.3 Week Individual (1-1) Intensive Catch-up Program in Nov / Dec to cover the syllabus in Sec 3 or First year of IGCSE Program
IGCSE First Year

Let’s face it. Your normal schoolwork is already overloading you. Would taking an additional subject add to your burden?

As such, you should take up a 3 Week Individual (1-1) Intensive Catch-up Program during the November and December holidays to cover what was taught in the first year of the O level or IGCSE program. You need not be stressed out. The stress of taking an additional subject can be managed.

At the end of this Program, you can decide whether you are suitable to take this subject. The decision made would be wiser as you can concentrate learning the subject without the stress of normal schoolwork.

But if you are ready to start now, our doors are open.

O LevelYou could be serving your national service or a young working adult who wants to upgrade your academic credentials but lacked the support.POA Crash Course
(O Level & A Level)

For O Level Private Candidates, Mr Chong’s POA Crash Course bridges the gap by providing exam analysis of various school papers to illustrate the emphasis of various topics.

For A Level Private Candidates, they are sent to take a Mock Exam conducted by an international institution to gain battle experience. Veterans win wars. Details of this mock exam are revealed on the first lesson.

Overall, Mr Chong’s POA Crash Course is meant to give a quick overview of the O and A Level syllabus and address all knowledge gaps. You will be taught efficient means to master the subject and your needs will be supported.

May Good Fortune Befall upon You! 祝您好运!

Note: If your child is currently an O Level school candidate, you would need the school approval to register your child as a school candidate to take the POA exam even though the student is taught by private tutors.

In Singapore, a student cannot register as a private candidate while being a school candidate concurrently.

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