Principles of Accounts (POA) Tuition in Singapore

Elsewhere you rote learn POA. Here, you learn to teach yourself POA.

How Mr Chong can help you

Many students are stressed over Principles of Accounts (POA) as they memorized the accounting format without understanding how it came about. These days, the examiners exposed this weakness by increasing the weightage (80%) of structured and theory questions.

Mr Chong is a POA crash course expert who conducts last minute rescue missions to help struggling POA students since his junior college days. He makes studying this subject a pleasure by internalizing accounting concepts in student’s minds. For most students, after each intense lesson, they will be able to recall almost everything that was taught easily.

If you are an early bird, you can complete your accounting syllabus within 3-6 months. Mr Chong has trained many students taking GCE O Level, A Level, IGCSE and WACE accounting papers to enjoy an unfair advantage.

And if you need a crash course, please allow Mr Chong to coach you for at least 10 hours to build a foundation. The rest is up to you. You exert to make yourself deserving.


In life, it is not about what you want to do but what you can do. Many would probably not be an accountant in future but you use the good grades from POA to enter the profession you desire. You just need the right assistance to create realities.

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