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Financial Accounting: Many do not understand how the format in Financial Statements is derived and rely heavily on memorising the headings and components in the Income Statement and Balance Sheet.

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Financial Accounting (AC 1025):-

Preparation of Income Statements, Balance Sheet and Cashflow.
You may know the format but can you produce the answer in 40-50 min? What's not communicated to the examiner does not gain you marks.

See how Mr Chong help his students below.

UOL POA Computation

Management Accounting : No Fixed Format and Confusing Interlocking Concepts

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Management Accounting (AC 3097):-

Cost Classifications, Absorption Costing, Marginal Costing, Cost-Volume Profit, Relevant Costs, Budgeting and Variance Analysis.
Many suffer as there is no fixed format and they are unsure whether their input is relevant and struggled to see the big picture. 

Come and see how Mr Chong condense the syllabus to 3 big blocks and see how the various cost concepts are interlinked with each other. 

Cost Classification

Worried about Changes in the exam format (2017 Onwards) ? POA Tutor can help You!

Principles of Accounting (AC 1025) : MCQ to replace the structured question in Section A.

Previously, the examiner can only select a few topics but now, they can test almost the basics of almost every topic in the syllabus. As Mr Chong specialises in teaching accounting, he has complied 500 MCQ based on the tested topics to give his students an unfair advantage. Since this section represents 30% of the exam, a distinction grade in section A can be the difference between A grade and C grade.

UOL POA Course

Management Accounting (AC 3097) and Financial Reporting (AC 3091) : Computation aspect has increased to 80% of the exam.

Often, students are lost in the details of the case study. Mr Chong helps his student to improve their proficiency and efficiency in the following ways:-

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Financial Reporting (AC 3091):-

Consolidation, Foreign Currency, Leases, Taxes, Cashflow Statement, Hicks Income, CPP, CVA
Most Students do not understand the complicated terms like Deprival values and thus don’t know how to cope with the question.

Mr Chong breaks down the jargon in a sharp, accurate and precise manner.

POA Diagram

Warning for Students taking Principles of Accounting (AC 1025) who insist to study only NPV for the Management Accounting Section

Case Study : 2016 Zone B Q5

In part 4 of this NPV question, the examiner surprised candidates by introducing an irrelevant cost that has an impact on cashflow. This has never appeared in past year exam papers. Many students were caught.

Let’s see if you can solve it.


Implications of Getting Just 1 Part Wrong

The examiner knows that many students are spotting the NPV question and ignoring the rest of the management accounting syllabus. To be fair to students who studied everything, the examiner intentionally increased the level of difficulty by linking up the answers. One careless mistake may cost up to 44% of total marks in this question as shown above.

Many students were overconfident as they felt that they already covered this topic under the Banking and Finance Module. However, there is a part about relevant and irrelevant costs that are not thoroughly covered in Banking and Finance Module. In this case, even irrelevant costs has a cashflow impact. Ask yourself if you could figure out this under exam conditions.

It is thus risky to bank on just NPV alone. You need to cover more topics to avoid being caught in a fix.

Many students in 2016 paid the price. What about you?

(This serves as an example of the standard of exam analysis done by Mr Chong.)


1. Step by Step Breakdown of Concepts – Flow Charts that illustrate how to apply concepts. Notes Provided.

Cashflow Statement

2. Detailed Exam Analysis : Know what the examiner is looking for. EXAM Analysis1

3. Online Resources

What if you forgot what Mr Chong taught and you have a exam tomorrow? Mr Chong created online videos so that you can access his lessons anytime and anywhere.  These videos will be available free to all Mr Chong’s UOL Students upon the payment of deposit.

Marginal Costing Online

4. Last Minute Tutorials : Many UOL students complained that they do not understand the solutions provided by the examiners.  Hence, Mr Chong conducts special tutorials to show you how to work out the answers. Limited Slots available.

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