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I decided to teach Finance as it is closely related to Accounting. My approach is the same way I teach accounting. I tell students the origin of the concept and the subsequent application.

I seek to prove that its not the content but the thinking that matters.

As usual, its not what is said but what is done that makes the difference.
Example : See how POA Tutor prepares students for UOL Financial Management (AC 3059)

(Do note that POA Tutor also conducts Finance Tuition for Polytechnic and other University Modules.)

1. MCQ Question Bank

From 2017 onwards, for UOL students taking Financial Management (AC 3059), the computation component of the exam has increased to 80%.

Often the computation question is swamped with confusing details. Most beginners struggle to understand the question. Answering the question is a nightmare.

Step-by-step, Mr Chong builds up his student’s foundation by using the question bank.

Sample question

Currently, the risk-free rate is 6% and the market risk premium is 5%. On the basis of this information, which of the following statements is most correct?

a. If a stock has a negative beta, its required return must also be negative.
b. If stock's beta doubles, its required return must also double.
c. An index fund with beta = 1.0 has a required return of 11%
d. Statements a and c are correct.
e. Statements b and c are correct.

Sample answers

CAPM equation: ks = kRF + (kM - kRF)b.
kRF = 6%; RPM = 5%;

Statement a is false. Just because a stock has a negative beta does not mean its return is also negative.

For example, if its beta were -0.5, its return would be as follows:
K = kRF + RPM(b)
= 6% + 5%(-0.5)
= 6% + (-2.5%)
= 3.5%

Statement b is also false. If the beta doubles, the second term in the CAPM equation above will double; however, kRF will not double, so the overall return will not double.

Statement c is correct. If b = 1.0, then:
K = kRF + RPM(b)
= 6% + 5%(1.0)
= 11%

There are at least 50 MCQ with detailed answers for each topic listed below. These questions provide an insight to how exam questions can be crafted. An invaluable tool for beginners.

i. Financial Markets and Interest Rates
ii. Time Value of Money
iii. Risk and Rates of Returns
iv. Financial Statement Analysis
v. Valuation of Stock
vi. Cost of Capital
vii. Capital Budgeting
viii. Capital Structure

2. Essay

UOL students taking Financial Management (AC 3059) know that the 25 mark essay question is a compulsory question. This is the missing link to getting an A. However, this is an area that many UOL students prefer to ignore.

Mr Chong regularly trains his students in the following format:-

Students Answer

How Mr Chong's comments

Mr Chong will highlight where the concepts are vaguely explained or requires further elaboration.

He will show students how to express the ideas aptly and concisely.

Over time, Mr Chong has also built up a collection of finance-related essays for his students’ reference.

3. Flowcharts

Many finance students struggle to link the various finance concepts and thus unable to see the whole complete picture. To solve the problem, Mr Chong has created flowcharts to link the various cost concepts.

4. Exam Analysis

In recent years, there is a change in the focus towards understanding away from the traditional rote learning. Mr Chong has prepared an analysis of every topic and what the examiner is looking for. A valuable resource which u can zero into the requirements of the exam. Here’s a sample of exam analysis done for UOL Financial Management (AC 3059)

5. Last Minute Tutorials

Many UOL students complained that they do not understand the solutions provided by the examiners especially the ones on option pricing. Hence, Mr Chong conducts a special tutorial to show you how to work out the answers. Limited Slots available.

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