You could now be in a desperate situation where your accounting exam is approaching but yet you don’t have the slightest clue what your teacher is teaching.

Rest assured you need not face it alone and you can still make it with Mr Chong’s individual (1-1) crash course which is designed for those who need a concise, comprehensive and thorough overview of their accounting syllabus within a short time.

Mr Chong has developed tools to aid struggling students. For example, for GCE N / O Level, Mr Chong has successfully summarized 200 pages of textbook and 200 pages of workbook into 30 pages of flowcharts. An example is shown below:-

POA Crash Course Bank Reconciliation Singapore

Besides drilling the concepts, Mr Chong will show you how the examiners are testing the candidates for each topic and the means to satisfy them. While the analysis is not difficult, it may be time-consuming for the student. Not worth your while.

Overall, the crash course is meant to save you time, build up confidence and gain an unfair advantage. All done in 10-15 Hours.

Tailored Programs:

GCE N / O Level POA

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