POA for Parents in Singapore

Making Choices Available to You!

Mr Chong does what is right for your child.

In life, many think that they can choose. We always think about what we want to do and not what we can do. It is pointless to crave for a job that we are incompetent about. Its becomes a choice to you only when you can do it. As such, Mr Chong’s teaching has always being practical and realistic.

Be an Asset to Others

I teach my students that we do not study for achievements or attainment but to be master of the field for the benefit of others. We must not study for the sake of studying but to acquire skills sets that others will need. That way, we become an asset to others and begin to have choices in life.
And of course, when one is a master of the field, getting A is a piece of cake.

Your Child is My Child

Like your child, I also have a mother and I want to please her.

I live by principles and not concepts. As such, I see you no different from my mother and myself no different from your child. We all want to be favoured by our mothers.

This favour is probably earned when I coach your child to be a better person. May you be pleased with me!