1-1 Online Crash Course.

POA Tutor 1-1 Online Crash Course Selling Points:

  1. Biggest Problem in Tuition : Students often forget what was taught during tuition.  Not when you attend Mr Chong Online Course. Why?
    • In Mr Chong’s online lessons, useful comments are typed beside the notes.
    • Notes and Tutorials are electronically accessible. You can revise the lesson using your smartphone on the way home.
    • You can record the lesson to recall what you forgot. Not possible under face-to-face interactions.
  2. Distance is no longer a barrier using Skype. Save Precious Time from Travelling.
  3. Better Retention. Mr Chong found that students remember the contents better when the teaching is spread over a few sessions.
  4. Easy to slot in lessons. Each online lesson is only one hour.
  5. It can be cheaper than 1-1 Tuition. Why? Some tutors do nothing while the student is doing the work. In other words, parents paid someone for doing nothing. In Mr Chong’s 1-1 online lesson, he teaches throughout the hour. Which is cheaper?


POA Online Tuition and Crash Course


This service is not only available to students studying in Singapore but international students globally.

Case study

POA Tutor is now conducting an online crash course for a student in Pakistan taking Cambridge O Level POA in November.

The course is conducted daily over Skype. 1 Hour per session. 5 times a week. This student has never learnt accounting before and POA Tutor projects to finish the entire O Level syllabus with 2 months.

The mission statement of POA Tutor is not about creating possibilities but making it possible.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Each online lesson is 1 hour. It is less taxing for the student and easier to insert 1 hour lessons into the student’s busy schedule.
  2. Payment is made upfront either by bank transfer (Singapore) or credit cards (International Students)
  3. For credit card payments, an additional 4% charge is imposed to cover bank fees.
  4. A student is required to have a laptop or personal computer with Skype and Microsoft One Note installed.