What you can expect

Exam Weightage
No. of
Prepartory1. Accounting Equation
2. Double Entry
2 Lessons
Basic1. Source Document & Special Journals
2. Control Account
3. Bank Reconciliation
4. Correction of Errors
6 Lessons
Intermediate1. Non-Current Assets
2. Trade Receivable
3. Inventory
4. Prepayments & Accruals
5. Trade Payable & Long Term Liabilites
6. Incomplete Records (O Level)
6 Lessons
Advanced1. Accounting Theory
2. Financial Statement Analysis (O Level)
3 Lessons
17 Lessons

Workflow : Principles of accounts crash course program

How each lesson is conducted?

  1. Simplify and Breakdown the Jargon.
    Mr Chong addresses the confusing issues using simple Flow Charts as follows:-
  1. Online Videos

Free Preview

Non Current Assets

While many had benefited from Mr Chong’s POA tuition classes, many had difficulties remembering what’s was covered in his lessons. They resorted to texting or emailing. However, there is a limit on the information that can be communicated in urgent situations. Therefore, Mr Chong decided to create an online school where students can easily access his online POA lessons and receive help comprehensively and instantly.

These videos which are chargeable to the public are given free to Mr Chong’s POA students.

  1. Customised Worksheets
    Mr Chong’s worksheets are complied from various school exam papers. We only have two years of exam papers under the new syllabus which is insufficient exposure for the student.While assessment books are available, the student does not have time to do every question given their tight school schedule. In this connection, each of Mr Chong’s worksheets uses 5 to 7 questions to cover all the possible ways that can be tested for a particular topic.The student need just to master the worksheet to perfect the topic. A more efficient use of time.